Premier League Roundup

Poch said lots of people would like Spurs to win, and looking across social media he was right. Maybe we need to thank him for keeping this season’s Premier League title chase mildly interesting? I guess there is a reason no other team has won 14 top flight matches in a row in the same season. Because it is bloody tough to do. Before we doff our respective caps to Spurs, let’s take a moment to note the fact that Chelsea did win 13 straight matches with Victor Moses at right back and David Luiz playing in a back three. Admit it, not many of us thought that would work. But move over Harry Kane, there is a new target man in town. Yeah, just get that ball in the mixer and Dele Alli knows how to head it home. Spurs were very good, but they need to be very good in other games too if they are genuinely going to have any influence on the title. They might just have to settle for keeping Arsenal out of the Champions League places. For the time being anyway, as we all know what happens at the end of the season.

I can’t recall ever suggesting Hull are a well run football club. Fortunately, I do not have to start now. Just when they could have got Gary Rowett, Alan Pardew or even, yeah I know, Harry Redknapp the Tigers have plumped for the new Arsene Wenger. Yes, Marcos Silva. You know Marcos, he managed, well, them. And them. But not them. In fact, he is nothing like Arsene at all but I would imagine he is quite cheap. If Hull stay up having recruited a man with limited knowledge of English football, limited English with a predominantly British playing squad then I will present Match of the Day in my pants.

Pep has made us a promise. In fact, Pep has made us quite the promise. When he retires he will disappear, possibly in a puff of smoke. He won’t be in our lives anymore, and you probably won’t be able to find him on t’internet either. He will vanish. Actually, that sounds rather sinister. Still, the FA are more interested in Bacary Sagna. They would like him to “explain” his Instagram message of “10 v 12 today.” If the FA need that explaining then they are more stupid than I initially thought. It is fairly self explanatory.

Staying with City, new boy Gabriel Jesus is the “real deal” according to Iheanacho. The Nigerian striker said it through gritted teeth whilst on the phone to his agent suggesting a loan move might be the way forward, but he certainly meant it as a positive thing.

Sunderland have done something rather sensible. No, they haven’t sacked Moyes. They turned down a £6m bid for Defoe who, frankly, is the only one capable of keeping them in the Premier League. West Ham did have some luck yesterday though, as Feghouli had his red card rescinded. That never happens, make the most of it.

Bob Bradley has denied that Swansea players nicknamed him Ronald Reagan. I can’t believe that happened, most of Swansea’s players weren’t even born when Reagan was in power. George W Bush, maybe, but not Ronald. It is safe to say that the Swansea boys were not too enamoured with BB. But then I cannot believe BB was too enamoured with the Swansea boys and their inability to score field goals, turnovers and get in the end zone.